Solo Albums

2015: Pulling Strings and Pushing Buttons

2012: Playing With Myself

Itchy Fingers

2017: Scratching the Surface

2014: Itchy Fingers


2013: Bound to the Pub


Reel - The Black Ribbon
Reel - Revenge of the Harmonica
Reel - The Optimist
Slip Jig - Chocolate is Calling
Reel - The New Carpet
Jig - The Crooked Ladder
Reel - Alms for the Piper
Reel - Reel for Angus
Reel - The Curious Postman
Jig - The Unwilling Sparrow
Reel - Easter Breakfast
Unknown - Phryday the 13th
Polka - Goldcrest Knockout
March - March for Suzie
Reel - The Jackdaw Chased the Mouse But Failed to Catch It
Slip Jig - Winter is Cancelled
Reel - Intercity Utrecht
Jig - Butterflies in the Rain
Reel - Trip to Gweedore
Slip Jig - Looking for the Bookstore
Reel - The Sauna
Waltz - Please Close the Door
Reel - Long John´s (co-written by Michael Boere)
Reel - Two Horny Rabbits (co-written by Michael Boere)
Reel - Hops and Stops (co-written by Michael Boere)
Jig - The Killer Grasshopper (co-written by Michael Boere)
Jig - Praise the Lord for Air Conditioning (co-written by Michael Boere)
Jig - Hands Up Or I´ll Play
Hornpipe - Spekpannenkoeken Zijn Het Lekkerste Eten In De Hele Wereld
Wals - Wals voor Oma


"The Dutch Session Tunebook", 2nd ed., 2017

Feel free to download, print, use and spread this little booklet!